Here we begin

I have been thinking for a couple years now about thrivability. I research here and there to learn more. Something about it struck me. Sustainability seems like a great idea, but I don’t want to just be able to sustain life. I want to see life thrive. Human life, plant life, ecosystem life.

“Hey if we can’t manage sustainability, why even aim for thrivability?” some ask.  I have a coaching background, so I know the power of setting strong, compelling goals. I say we go for the big dream, the full vision. Let us not merely work away from unsustainable activities. Instead let us work toward a thrivable world.

So I wondered, for many months, what can I do about this? And what is my role? I have many causes that interest me, where does this one fit. This new year’s I took a look, as I usually do, at my plan for the next year. And because so many of my conversations now focus on climate change, thrivability became the center point to my plan. Everything I do needs to be strategically aligned with achieving a thrivable world.

That doesn’t mean I am no longer working with philanthropy projects or community development or social justice issues, clients, and projects. It means I do all these things with the aim of driving towards thrivability.

I have also significantly shifted my personal practices over the last several years. And while I am celebrating my success at adapting new habits and behaviors, I increasingly feel like they are insufficient by themselves to make the difference I want to make. So here I stand, I can do no other…as my ancestor did before me. I must work harder for thrivability.

Will you help me? Do you hear the call? What can we do together?


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