Taking a look around

I talk about field building. It isn’t a popular concept. It is mostly done by foundations, although businesses to strive to build fields that create markets for their products and services. But if you really want to change the world, looking at it, from my perspective anyway, requires one to see the interplay of different fields in the world, assess the gaps, and foster the growth of new fields that fit your strategic direction. So, if thrivability is my mission, what are my strategies? And where is thrivability as a field?

Let’s look at the second question first, because my strategy is going to be the application of my unique abilities and capacity to the gaps I note in the field. Here are the elements of a field:

  • Identity
  • knowledge base
  • workforce and leadership
  • standard practice
  • practice setting
  • information exchange
  • infrastructure for collaboration
  • resources
  • critical mass of support
  • advocates and system support
  • systemic support

See my card on Elements of a Field.

Where is thrivability with these elements? Off to do a snapshot. I assume that will take some significant time to capture, which I will document here.

So let me give you a sneak peak at my approach from there. Once I understand where the field is, I will be looking at what I can do to help it flourish. The next three to six months will involve an indexing of the network, the knowledge the network holds, the fields on which this one relies, the key and emerging players, the tools the field can use, the energy level of particular practices and efforts, etc.

Then, later in 08, I will look for leverage points, tipping points if you will, for making an impact on the field. I will rely on meta strategies learned from network analysis, complex adaptive systems, persuasion, messaging, etc.

Then I will strive to find my fit. What will my strategies be? What are my specific tangible goals? What do I see as trends, and what can I do to anticipate and make use of them? How will I support myself while being consistent with my work on thrivability?

Please join me, teach me, share with me, change with me.


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