Initial Scan of the field

Well talking about thrivability crosses many domains. Just about anything dealt with on worldchanging might be considered within the realm of thrivability. While this list includes domains that can contribute to thrivability, let me make clear that not everything within any of these areas is immediately portable to the effort for thrivability. I am merely building a list of where thrivable practices, ideas, and efforts MAY come from. Some domains port to thrivability better than others. So here is an initial scan of the areas that can be considered to contribute to thivability:

  • green living–from direct environmental concerns like dead zones in the sea to the organic food movement and also including clean energy
  • social justice–from fair trade movement to ending global poverty, anything related to economic uplift of the bottom half as well as equal treatment for all people (and not just class, consider too the aligned issues around race, sex, religion etc)
  • socially responsible investing–keeping money out of the hands of warmongers or in the hands of environmental orgs etc. SRI is a wide ranging approach to money management. Beware that it is not necessarily thrivable–filtering investments on values allows for filtering for regressive political and religious stances as well.
  • commons–sharing is less expensive (financial and via resources) than hording so many efforts to create and maintain commons can be thrivable. Police, Fire, Parks and other public services or offerings as well as intellectual commons.
  • others? Surely there are more! Tell me what you would include!

So if thrivability covers so many domains, what is it that qualifies something to be thrivable? I have two answers to that. One is about a way of being. Is the something uplifting, honoring people and planet, encouraging oneness, equality, diversity, and held in a space of positivity? Two is about metrics. Is the something carbon neutral or positive or other measurements for sustainability/thrivability, and does it measure out to a world of possibility or does it consume and restrict in a way that promotes scarcity?


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