Resources on thrivability

In my research through the last few years, I have come across some references to thrivability that I want to collect here and share with you.

Thrivability Institute 🙂

Interesting paper on the future with a thrivable attitude (pdf)
by Peter Ellyard, Chairman, Preferred Future Insititute and Sustainable Prosperity Foundation

and his paper Planning for Thrival and Thrivability in a Planetist 21st Century includes much of the material from the shorter paper linked above.

He begins with:

During the last few years I have commenced using the ‘thrival’ in my work with clients. You won’t find this word in any dictionary, and some of my colleagues who are linguistically precise do not approve my using it. However I use the word to make a particular point. We have a word survival to describe an aspirational goal but not ‘thrival’. The lack of such a word says a lot about the lack of loftiness of the aspirations of English speaking people. I also use the word ‘thrivability’. These words sum up the journey we need to make to transform ourselves for success in a globalising world , to aspire to thrive and to grow the ability to thrive.

See also, on page 51:

A sustainable society is one which is prosperous in four different ways these are

  • ecological prosperity;
  • economic prosperity ;
  • social prosperity;
  • cultural prosperity.

I believe we need not a triple bottom line but a quadruple: one which measures levels of poverty/prosperity in all four forms.

Page 55-56 offers:

The journey to an ecologically sustainable or ‘green’ future is a journey of
imagination, design and innovation. A ‘green’ future will be created by concentrating on, and promoting innovations in, two broad areas:

  • ‘green’ ways—the values, ethics, beliefs, paradigms, behavioural patterns, customer preferences, and professional ethics and practices needed for an ecologically sustainable society;
  • ‘green’ ware—the designs, products, services and technologies which will be needed to realise an ecologically sustainable society.

Concurrent with the promotion of ‘green’ ways and ‘green’ ware is the

implementation of policies for:

  • the creation of ‘green’ markets in order to provide a domestic demand for green’ ware which would then be exported to a world which is demanding it. Any country that wishes to show leadership in the development of ‘green’ ways and ‘green’ ware will need to ‘green’ its markets ahead of the rest of the world in order to provide a domestic market to nurture the development of these innovations.
  • establishing new industries and enterprises to provide both the ‘green’ ways and ‘green’ ware needed to realise a sustainable society.

Imaginify has been collecting resources on thrivability, see here:

Fast Company post on blacks moving to being “thrival” and a related blog post.

Thrivability and waste

have links for me? Know of other orgs or folks talking about flourishing or using similar terms that I should be aware of? Please inform me!



  1. Paul Radde said

    Dear Naturegirl,

    Even before Peter Elyard I began Thrival Systems(R) with a
    more encompassing trademark in 1977 for educational
    activities dealing with thrival. The book, Thrival! How to
    Have an Above Average Day Every Day came out in 2003
    from Pathlighter Press.

    You have several interesting elaborations on the theme.
    I will be interested in following your blog.

    Dr. Paul O. Radde

    • Connie said

      Another good reason to ban relnoigi. I'm not talking about faith, one can believe in what ever or who ever they so choose. It's religion itself that should be banned and this is just another reason why.

    • Nice try Lo Ball Jones, but clearly you have never attempted to get to Seattle from Tacoma without a car in the evenings.Because you can’t.Last Seattle bus leaves Tacoma at 10 PM.The last Sounder train Tacoma to Seattle leaves at 5PMI found that out the hard way four years ago and an $85 taxi fare home. Never been back to Tacoma again. – Rate this comment: 2  1

    • Hej pÃ¥ dig, vilken fin blogg du har! Du hade en frÃ¥ga pÃ¥ min blogg angÃ¥ende priset pÃ¥ börsarna som kommer finnas pÃ¥ julmarknaden i BorÃ¥s. Jag tänkte ta 50:- för de vanliga och 70:- för de med knopphandtag….och jag hÃ¥ller med om att glasögonen passar dig jättebra!

  2. Thanks Paul.
    The name is nurturegirl–a play on nature girl but meaning something more.

    I did notice your links when I searched on thrivability, thank you for posting.

    Can you explain a little more what angle you are taking? Do you see thrivability from a personal growth perspective as the book title suggests or aligned with and going beyond sustainability too?

    • Dany said

      Nowak – ponaglaj nas:) Od kilku tygodni faktury sÄ… automatycznie generowane, ale jeÅ›li jesteÅ› ze &#r8z2;sta2s2ej puli” i zalegamy Ci z fakturÄ…, to pls, napisz na julia @ i podaj mi dane transakcji (data, jaka strona, kwota). Przepraszamy za opóźnienia, ale czasami po prostu nie jesteÅ›my w stanie kontrolować wszytskich akcji (i ich braków) w systemie. · 15.07.2009, 21:17

  3. Lisa said

    we live in a cut and paste world. stealing and remixing flavours is possible now in a way it just wasn’t ten years ago. so it will and should happen more and mom.bremereer the old saying: originality is determined by the obscurity of one’s influences. truer than ever. only now it’s harder to hide your influences. for me the funny part of all this is that the cadbury’s gorilla ad is no more inventive or exciting than a Russ Abbott sketch. And i don’t mean that as a diss to Russ. He made a lot of people laugh.

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