Upward Rising to Thriving

This video transformed the way I perceive the world. Find Paul Krafel and The Upward Spiral to order the full video.

Flow, the second law of thermodynamics, seeing nature, and much more.



  1. Very Interesting.

    Having a network map and using it to do network weaving is like the guy having an overview of the shore and knowing which rock to move.

    Well, except people are harder… they sometimes complain about being moved, making/losing connections… and then there is that Simon & Garfunkel song… “I am a Rock”

  2. Absolutely. There is a scene in this video where they are playing a game of moving rocks in the river to adjust the flow. And the question is asked–what is the best play you have made? and the response–do the plays you make count, since I taught you the game? And that is so meaningful in network weaving. The threads we weave continue to weave themselves, if we are lucky (and the network is a “good one” for us). To play the weaving game best, use a map. 🙂

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