Sponsorshop Opportunity–Get your Open Money clarity here

I sent this to my trusted network, and I am going to share it with you too, dear reader:

Called by my passionate conviction that we need new practices and processes for acknowledging the many forms of wealth we hold in terms greater than just money, I plan to attend the Open Money Intensive in Mexico this March.

I believe you also perceive the need for us to evolve. If you want to know about valuable work that is changing our online tools and our ability to make change, I can provide a 5 page paper to you sharing my insights and analyzing the Open Money Intensive.

Will you sponsor my attendance? For a $200 sponsorship, you will receive:

  • a 5 page report explaining what transpired at Open Money and an analysis of what that means.
  • my humble gratitude along with a follow up phone call, if you choose, to discuss the issues and content.
  • acknowledgment through the open play system (by name or anonymously as you choose)

Take advantage of this opportunity to get inside information on cutting-edge developments. Contact me to discuss. (jean @t nurture .dot biz)

The Open Money Intensive aroused my passionate interest because:

  • My gut says that this is powerful potent work, potentially worldchanging.
  • I am fascinated by the leverage offered by currencies to enable us to move toward a thrivable world.
  • I believe currencies are already at play all around us, and the next wave of the internet will be more intentional about using them and capturing collective intelligence and action.
  • I know that we have unacknowledged wealth and resources all around us, and I seek ways to perceive those assets and encourage better flows.
  • I have been trying to articulate clearly these ideas for several years now, and I hope, with others, to develop better framing and languaging so it is more broadly accessible.
  • I believe that conversations lead to relationships, both of which build communities. I believe in creating communities to grow collective intelligence and collective action because we will need that wisdom and behavior to address the global concerns. The participants at Open Money offer extensive knowledge and an opportunity to practice that I need in order to dive deeply into the subject and offer it to others through my work to move from conversation and community building to collective intelligence and community flows.

If you also believe this work to be vital, please contact me. You are also encouraged to forward this to anyone you think it would offer value to.

Thank you for your consideration. This sponsorship opportunity is limited, and your timely response appreciated.


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