What is the World We Want?

You tell me. Phil Cubeta of GiftHub.org used to run a blog called World We Want pointing to Peter Karoff’s book by that name. It is time to revisit the question.

What is the World We Want?



  1. Whenever I’m lucky enough to be around a farm — or even in the kitchen of a restaurant — I’m amazed by how EASY abundance really is. As long as resources and technology are distributed openly, accessably, evenly…it’s not hard to generate an abundance of food.

    Abundance is the best definition I can one-word-reduce it to.

    I see it make people calmer, happier, more energized and more generous. With that comes the most valuable hidden benefit: clarity of perception. It’s easy to rouse a hungry mob into battle, but considerably harder to convince self-sufficient and quite contented human beings how important it is that “we” go to war.

    The more people we can bring that clarity to, the harder it will be for dictators, corporations, politicians, and other thief priesthoods to work their magic. I don’t believe for a second we’re going to “educate” or even “entertain” people into greater awareness, or empathy, or passion. That has to come from within.

    And in order for that to happen, belly must be full.

  2. Ken Homer said

    Here’s what I think of when I entertain the notion of thrivability…

    To live my life in ways that support the creation of a world where all people have:

    • access to fresh air
    • healthy food
    • clean water
    • climate appropriate clothing and shelter – built to last and be recycled – where waste = food
    • an education that allows them to discover and contribute their greatest gifts to the world’s most pressing challenges

    A world where it is natural for all people to extend to their fellow citizens a healthy respect for the universality of:

    • the dignity of the human spirit
    • the integrity of the human body
    • the calling of the human soul

    A world where it is likewise natural to always be looking for ways to honor:

    • the legacies of ancestors past
    • the memory of their ancestors to be

    A world where the unfolding human life takes place in a meta-framework of participating in the cosmic dance of life in ways that recognize that:

    • human and other living beings are direct expressions of the livingness of Earth
    • healthy eco-systems = healthy humans (and other living beings)
    • Earth is a living system capable of supporting a mind-boggling array of life for billions of years (as it did before our appearance) and that our role going forward requires a radical rethinking of and dramatic new partnership with the self-organizing processes of biology as core organizing principles for global culture

    I know this is a bit large, but if we are talking about lasting global civilization, this may not even be big enough and anything less falls far short of what is needed.

  3. Justin tries to reduce everything to a full belly, and guess what, it’s profound and to be factored into every dream of the future. We conceptualize away reality, and this is one way to get everything back to reality.

    As for futuring, we must dream and it must be vivid, to not be afraid of details. When our dreams embrace details, we will always learn more from the future than we can from the past.

  4. Thank you Justin! Abundance is vital to thrivability. I agree. I feel we have been fooled into thinking there is a lot more scarcity than there really is – and lost track of what is really scarce. Attention, for example, is scarce. Food, as you say, is not really as scarce as we make it out to be.

    I also agree that awareness comes from within. However I hope there are ways we can help spark it.

  5. Ken, you write with eloquence and profound clarity. Full agreement. Deep bow.

  6. Jack, dear Jack… whenever I speak with you there is a gem that emerges and this is no exception. What is your inspiration source for this deep wisdom? 🙂

    “As for futuring, we must dream and it must be vivid, to not be afraid of details. When our dreams embrace details, we will always learn more from the future than we can from the past.”

    Dream vivid, sense-filled dreams – for inspiration as well as manifestation.

  7. I offer you a context for your predictive thoughts: the re-emergence of the soul to guide us as “collaborators in creation” (Teilhard de Chardin). As reason suppressed the soul into the pineal gland in 1650, awareness of the non-rational mystery of it all gives us the power to recognize the limitations of unfettered reason and reframe fear into love, the greatest mystery of all. At a Gathering of Elders in Bristol, Vermont, eight years ago, there were 12 representatives of First Nations around the world, all of whom stated that their prophecies were identical to the prophecies of the Maya calendar and the year 2012. We are at the ending of the fifth Sun of the Maya long calendar, the Sun of Change. This is, indeed, a time of metamorphosis, and to make it even more mysterious, the Ancient Greeks used the same word for butterfly and soul — Psyche.

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