Yesterday, a small groups of individuals committed to thrivability and met for a phone call together. While I have been meeting and speaking with folks across the country, indeed, around the world about thrivability, this was our first group experience. While what that will unfold is still emergent, I want to celebrate what has brought us to this milestone. So here are my thanks and acknowledgments, as best I can. The true list is much longer, but I will point here to some highlights. In absolutely NO particular order whatsoever.

Tracy Gary – deep thanks for over three years (going on four) of partnership. Tracy has grown my abilities, my awareness, and helped shaped my thoughts on leadership and transformational philanthropy (a key in thrivability). Thank you Tracy for charging me with finding resources for this work and challenging me to be clearer and clearer.

Valdis Krebs – He said to me in November of 2005 that I was a network weaver, and I have been trying to live up to that ever since. Through Valdis, I have been striving to understand networks and the visualization of them. How do we see ourselves. And more recently, our conversations about thriving comunities and networks has stimulated my quest even further. And best of all, our music/poetry collaboration has my heart and creativity soaring.

Steve Crandell – We connected on difference, and discovered our similarities. At the core, Steve has been a most solid friend. Profound appreciation for the sharing we have. Additionally, Steve has built my understanding of climate change, collaboration, creativity, and innovation through amazing stories. And his model of humility guides me each day.

Ken Homer – Meeting on twitter was a huge gift for me. Thank you Ken, for guidance on my spiritual path, for amazing and discerning awareness of collaboration and conversation, and for crystal clear high value explanations.

Jerry Michalski – What can I say Jerry? Like Tom below, important parts of my network depended on my connection to Jerry Michalski. He has championed me, challenged me, invited me, and welcomed me into his circle and home. I have learned much from him about the fine art of synthesizing information, and Jerry is absolutely world class.

Arthur Brock – So few blend the craftsmanship of communication, the discernment of understanding, and the visionary view Arthur brings to the world. I owe most of what I understand about currencies and reputation to Arthur Brock‘s teachings, and he has challenged me to have deep integrity in my life. Thank you for your transformative friendship.

Evonne Heyning – Let’s talk about love, unicorns, and lightning. Evonne exemplifies community building and care. She has taught me so much about leadership, relationships, trust, intangible currencies, games, nurturing, and being. She has believed in me, encouraged me, and challenged me to dream bigger. I do as I do because Evonne influenced and nurtured me.

Jill Palermo – Coach Jill. First, I would not be the coach I am without the collaboration we shared in coaching training. Second, Jill was the one who lured me deeply into being organic. Thirdly, thanks to weekly laser pair-coaching, things are moving forward with thrivability. Jill is a model of entrepreneurship and boldness.

Gil Friend – I met Gil a few times through mutual connections before we sat face to face, but when finally talked one on one, I knew thrivability would be successful. Gil is a model of thrivability himself and has been striving for others to achieve it as well.

Kevin Jones – I knew the work long before I knew the man. I watched from afar, admiring the crafting of the work – collective intelligence led to Xigi and Good Capital and the SoCap conference. Kevin is brilliant, visionary, and productive. I am deeply grateful for both his influence on me, and I am eager to learn more from his sharp thinking.

Kevin Clark – Jerry introduced us, and Kevin has been generous with me ever since. His advice on building the movement of thrivability has been invaluable in shaping my direction. I am thrilled to have his wisdom guiding the emergence of this effort.

And not on the call, but a few of the people that helped bring me to this point:

Peace Tile

Peace Tile

Leif Utne – I met Leif when he and his dad crashed my San Fran dinner party, and I have been inspired by him ever since. Whether it was doing my first karoake or touring co-housing, Yes magazine, and Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Leif has taken me on new adventures.

CM Magowan – First he made me laugh, then he charged me to be clear. The last several years, I have heard him model clarity on business model and plan. I know I can always hear it straight from him. Thanks for being a trusted friend. Also, thanks for the connection with Brian Lewis, who has inspired me about what is possible with our water as well as poked and prodded me toward this juncture.

Tom Munnecke – Tom has a longer list on my gratitude. For here, let me say, I can look at my network map and ses how precariously it rests on Tom’s introductions via Uplift Academy. Furthermore, he solidified my ideas about solution-focus, uplift, and better world building. I would not be striving for thrivability without Tom’s influence.

Grass Commons – From building tools for thrivability to hosting and wagneering the thrivable site itself, the Grass Commons team and in particular Lewis Hoffman and Ethan McCutchen have been invaluable in the development of this work. They have listened to me talk endless through ideas as I shaped them as well as cheered me on to next steps. Thank you.

Appropedia – It started with the Open Sustainability Conference, where we even had a session on thrivability, and since then Lonny, Chris, and the others at Appropedia have been helpful in pointing out thrivable projects, demonstrating thrivable tools and practices, and bringing my attention to the power of open and appropriate technology. They have also been leaders in spreading the word. Thank you.

Frank Hamilton – After listening to me talk about thrivability for months, Frank offered to give me a few hours a month of his time and ability to move the project forward. He has challenged me to be clear, shown me models to consider, and believed in me.  Thank you Frank!



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