Beyond Survival

I have been listening to Good to Great on CD while in transit.

It proposes that great people as well as great organizations, to not merely survive but to prevail, require 2 things:

  1. to have unwavering faith that we will prevail AND
  2. an ability to face the brutal facts.

And this resonates with something I feel strongly about with Thrivability. Faith we will not only survive but also will thrive. We must honestly and courageously face the real gritty ugly indeed brutal facts of where we are now. We seek not to gloss over or daly in soft hopes. And without losing hope at this precipice, set the vision for what we want instead. Then we can charge forth with faith in our future and unwavering commitment to each other. Toward not just a good earth, a tolerable one, survival, but to a great earth, great lives, and thriving.


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