About Nurture Girl

Explorer. Full of curiosity and filled with love for others and the world around us, I seek to understand, connect, share, honor, learn, give, and act to help the world flourish in complex harmony.

More formally:

Jean Russell, founder of Nurture.biz, is dedicated to restructuring institutions so as to bring out the best in humans. She has worked with grassroots co-ops and traditional corporations alike, helping them understand how communicating, fundraising, and publishing can be redesigned to embrace human values like warmth, clarity, and faith in others’ potential and good will.

In 2008, Jean co-founded Guildsmiths, a consultancy that teaches right-brain thinking to corporations and nonprofits. She has facilitated social benefit conferences, cooperating with colleagues in fields ranging from technology (esp social media), to green/sustainable design, philanthropy, currency, community development, international development, and human rights.


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