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Being v Doing

One of the key differences between thrivability and sustainabilty, I think, is the way of being. Shifting what we do without shifting our being isn’t really going to change the structures that perpetuate systems that don’t drive toward flourishing. It reminds me of the problem with political correctness. You can sound or look open-minded and without prejudice…but seeming that way won’t really make the necessary shifts. It shows at the seams. The real impact isn’t there.

It comes about in the smallest of ways. For years I have watched people discuss and aspire to thrivable ideas. And all too often they fall short by leaning back on old structures–demanding leadership via old methods or asking for top down hierarchies. It is not enough to know, intellectually, the course to take. We must BE different. Few of us, if any, are flawless here. I do not mean to judge, as I am prone to this folly myself. We are still products of a previous age. The younger generation is more likely to BE different as the children of those who aspired to that difference.

Authenticity feels core to me. If we are not authentic, at some point, it shows.

How are you being in the world? From being can flow doing. Doing is important. Critical for impact. But born of being –or it is compromised from the beginning. Thus, in the Field Guide, I am distinguishing whether a leap is about being, having, or doing. These leaps, they fit together. When we see the whole of the system dynamically operating, we will know our hopes for thrivability can be achieved.


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