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Reflections and Predictions

It has been roughly a year since this blog opened. And I feel much more solid in my sense of what thrivability can be. That does not mean there are clear strategies defined or all partners are convened. There remains much work to do. But 2008 has been a wonderful learning journey solidifying my belief in the value of thrivability, and it has resonated well with a variety of amazing allies. Thank you.

I was glancing at an article in Utne Reader today about fear. And I realized a shift I am feeling, and I sense it is a huge piece of thrivability. Thrivability is not driven, at its core, by a deep dark fear of the world ending and all we need to overcome to jetison us off this precipice of history. And while I personally have been strongly driven by fears around climate change and a forecast of the end to humanity, somehow this has shifted. Perhaps it is Obama’s hope spreading “Yes We Can” or perhaps it is the collective voice of human consciousness declaring agency. It could perhaps even be a spiritual shifting that is ongoing internally for me. Whatever the cause or causes, what I sense in thrivability is a powerful resounding passion to evolve beyond our current cultures into a new form of being together, united, whole, diverse, conscious, respectful, judicious, abundant, appreciative, and in flow.

Do you want this too? Are you what EnlightenNext calls an Evolutionary?

We have before us the greatest opportunity life force has yet had–to collect together as respecting and honoring individuals to know and act through our wholeness for the evolution of ourselves and conciousness …and life itself …to experience both our uniqueness and our unity while shifting the forms of the world to support a flourishing earth bursting in harmony. We can become the most spectacular orchestra of living systems reverberating with awareness. What is the sound of this magnificent joy?

Let us put our egos in harness to our purpose, set our minds to tangible tasks, reach into our hearts for whole system empathy, and let our spirits’ wisdom lead us forth into a new age. One where we may thrive in harmony with each other and all forms.

I predict the near future will be frought with tension. Many will weaken from fear and anxiety as old systems convert into new arrangements that better fit our amazing flow. I predict we will often stumble and need to lean into each other in the dark night before the dawn. I predict that some will refuse to relinquish old patterns and this will lead to suffering. People will die bodily deaths. Humans will fight through the night in bloody conflicts of ideological wars to end all wars. And this very darkness, the very fear and negativity that seems pervasive will be the flood upon which a new way is made possible. It will be our very frustration with what is — that will make what can be: possible. Just as the bitter darkness of the Bush years has made a grassroots minority a more possible canditate for president of the US.

I see the light glowing from so many sensing this great opportunity, and I have deep faith in the very process of evolutionary consciousness to guide us together into a brighter day. Everywhere I see the flickering flames of hope, faith, interpersonal trust, and inspired vision gain energy. The tools evolve beneath our fingers, the partners meet and align around common purpose, and collectively we prepare the way forward.

Will you join with me in hope to great this challenging opportunity.

As Tracy Gary often says, “Hold hands, and stay together.”

Dream. Breath with me. Be with us.


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Which generation IS the change?

A long time ago, I was in academia… It was a lovely time for me, and we talked often of post-modernism. Now the talk I hear outside of academia is about what is after post-modernism. Many of the people whose ideas I follow were born before 1970. To me, these are folks who grew the post-modern era. My co-founder at Inspired Legacies, Tracy Gary, for example, grew up pushing for civil rights and women’s rights…and 35 years of pressing for social change and social change philanthropy has certainly had impact in the world. These folks, like my founder, have changed the world. It might not yet be what they were aiming for, but it is a different world.

However, most of these people were involved in or witnessed the technology revolution that brought us desktop computing and the internet. They didn’t grow up with this. They made it. And they continue to push brilliantly and heroically for a better world. (If they didn’t, I wouldn’t be following them.) My trick is this…they have the vision to describe what the next phase is and looks like. However, there has been such significant change, that I am not sure the tools and practices are second nature enough to them to BE that vision without applying significant consciousness to it.

However, I do sense that people from post-1970…(and I was born in 72, so I have to make sure I am on the right side of that number 😉 people from post-1970 have new ways of being as part of their–I mean OUR–nature. I grew up knowing there was an environmental crisis on our hands. I can’t picture a world before that was a concern. I grew up using a computer since I was 12. I grew up assuming women had the right to be in the workforce and deserved a chance at anything…as did anyone from any class or race. Of course it took awhile for me to debunk the myth of opportunity we perpetuate in the US. So I am starting to sense that while my elders may set a vision, it will be me and more so, those even younger than me who will be practicing that vision.

Note: looking at some of the information coming out about millenials has me rather hopeful!

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