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Thrivability Field Guide

OOooo great to see people using the term thrivability:


and there are several mentions of it over on wildresiliencyblog.

Then the whole Thrivability Institute

I have been up to my eyeballs learning about this and certainly not sharing enough.

Thus I make a commitment to you. To work on The Field Guide to Leaps toward Thrivability. I am sketching out the format over on using the wagn there. The field guide will offer concepts and theory, but more importantly stories, videos, and conversations of LEAPS we are making toward thrivability. Additionally, like a good coach, I will offer exercises, worksheets, and conversation space for ongoing learning and sharing.

None of this learning is finite nor done. We begin this journey knowing there is no end; if we make our path well, we will carry on. Ever and always unfinished, but richer and deeper for the journey.


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