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Approaches to thrivability

There are many angles that people use to approach thrivability.

  • Knowledge distribution and media. Coop America, Grist, The Daily Green, Hooze,
  • Networking and online community approach. Wiser Earth, worldchanging, etc nextbillion, nabuur, razoo, gaia with zaadz, dreamfish, and many others.
  • Cooperative communities and co-ops. Twin Oaks, Walnut Street Coop, Stone Soup, etc.
  • Networks/communities combined with profitable products and services. Green Home, OsoEco.
  • Profitable product or service angle.
    • Sewer treatment, clean energy, food production, clothing and home goods for example.
    • Environmental consulting, coaching, conflict resolution, mediation, process arts.
  • Nonprofit perspective., Ashoka, Acumen Fund, Echoing Green, Untld, and literally thousands of nonprofits/nongovernmental orgs around the world as might be found on the Wiser Earth listings.
  • Foundations. Rudolf Steiner Foundation, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, Open Society Institute, Annie E. Casey Foundation etc.

This list is an initial catch of the spectrum and does not assume that these organizations or communities are consistently thrivable or even focused on thrivability.


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