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Updated description of thrivability

I contend that thrivability is sustainability+vision to flourish+ways of being. And by ways of being, I mean working in open distributed networks, heightened levels of collaboration, and certain quality of something that tends to fall into spirituality now. That last one has to do with how we compose ourselves and our work with others, honoring the both the whole and the individual in a delicate balance, so we move beyond what spiral dynamics calls the green meme. I haven’t got this totally figured out yet, and I am eager for conversations that will help clarify this distinction.

I also contend that thrivability goes beyond sustainability by including social justice. It is not enough to find ways to sustain life and human life on the planet. Real thrivability means no one gets left behind in poverty, exposed unfairly to disaster, or suffers at the hand of corrupt governments.

Thus thrivability requires a massive shift both in consciousness and in action: incorporating social justice work, environmental efforts, and process arts. We must include all these efforts and also transcend them through our growing understanding of complex adaptive systems and flow patterns.

Thank you for the work you and others do to move us all forward. I am eager to learn from and with you.

I intend to participate in the Open Sustainability Network Unconference mid-October in San Francisco to move this work forward. Join me!


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Sustainability and Natural Building Workshop in Peru

An invitation that came my way from Kachina Katrina, which I am pleased to share with you:

This is an invitation to participate in the 10 day sustainable skills and natural building workshop that we are creating in the Andean Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru. Attached is our official flyer for the event, which includes three pictures of the area we´ll be building in, if you like a more visual approach. The natural building classes included in the workshop will be held at a remote site next to the river in the Sacred Valley…..and we´ll be working to construct a water birth center to be used by local women, as well as any foreigners who feel called to this spot. Below are some logistics about this event….adi.

I will also be making way to Pisco, Peru to help rebuild homes and schools from the dramatic 8.0 earthquake that happened last fall and would love it if you came and joined me as well as the workshop near Cusco. Learn more about this rebuilding project through the works of Burners with out Borders.

Here is more about the 10 day workshop I am honored to participate in, please pass the word!!

10 day sustainable skills and natural building workshop


Andean Sacred Valley
*Just outside of Cusco, Peru
*Friday, June 13th, 2008 through June 22nd, 2008

*building with adobe (foundation, brick making and laying,
windows, doors, roof)
*sustainable community planning
*toxic awareness and bio-waste clean-up
*permaculture principles and maximizing food growing per area of earth.
*composting principles, and constructing a composting toilet
*didgeridoo making
*wool spinning and natural dying

***Also Featuring:
*guest instructor, Kachina Katrina ( who will holding the toxic awareness
and community building sessions)
*guided visits to local ruins and sacred sites, where we will have the option of holding ceremony together.
*music and laughter
* sliding scale of $699-$799 dollars.
* Price Includes: lodging, two healthy meals per day, daily transportation,
all classes and instructors, ticket into local ruins, and a special gift 😉
*Price Does Not Include plane ticket to Cusco.

***To register or for further details:
*Reply to this address Brittany Jade <AgentNuit>,
*We are happy to answer questions, and to assist in the booking of air
+Please feel free to forward this on to anyone of interest, or to print off the flyer to pass along……..THANK YOU!

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

– Goethe

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Language/mind games or something deeper?

One dimension that I am not concrete about is whether using thrivability rather than sustainability really is the same thing with a different name….or is it more than that? My sense is that it is more than sustainability, but I am, for the most part, making this up as we go along. And I do feel like the name emerged, for me, from a dissatisfaction with the language and its impact on the mind when using the term sustainability. The frame is lacking to me. It implies we are at a negative state and need to reach neutral.

Some that I have discussed that with say “pshaw” to me. They say that it is my own limitations that I place on the term sustainability. The movement is fully open to humans thriving. And in some way I agree. I think most of the sustainability field is open to and hopes for a thriving world. Some are quite cynical (or well versed depending on your point of view) about our ability to become sustainable much less thrivable. I hear that. I feel the frustration. I am frustrated at our lack of progress and the pressure of time.

From a mind game perspective I am choosing the word thrivability because it is like wanting an A in a class instead of a C. Because it sounds less like a world not teetering on the edge of doom but flourishing and vibrant.

But I also wonder if there is something deeper than that. Is that mind-game criticism only coming at it from a superficial level? Is thrivability about something more vast than sustainability? Let’s try an exercise, for fun. Which of the following select words or phrases would you put within the domain of sustainability:

  • zero emissions
  • organic farming
  • social justice
  • green architecture
  • conservation practices
  • personal growth
  • animal protection
  • economic justice
  • leadership development

Which ones do you think we need for a thrivable world?

Are they the same? Are they different? How and why?

Sneak peek: In the next post, I will talk about the value of the term even at the mind-game level.

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